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It’s a project aiming at creating “the Biggest Painting in the World”
by sewing together the paintings by the children in the world.

This is how the project started.
Hiroko Kawahara, our president, was working on self-support of 10,000 women
in the poorest area of People’s Republic of Bangladesh in ‘90s,
and found that their children were unable to go to school
and had never written letters or drawn pictures. At the time,
Hiromi Inayoshi, a Japanese graphic designer, encountered those children and
wanted to give them a drawing experience.
Kawahara wanted all the children of those women to draw pictures,
and had 13,000 children paint on 1,000 pieces of 1m x 10m cloth,
which were sewn together by 1,000 mothers to create a 100m x 100m painting.

Since then, the project to join the children’s paintings has been going on both
in Japan and in many countries in the world.
Through this project, we hope to nurture peace-loving spirit in the children of the world,
regardless of countries, religions or ethnicities, to widen their views of the world,
and to foster momentum to preserve the beautiful environment of Planet Earth.

  • Children we will continue to draw a picture together.
  • 2005, in Bangkok, Thailand.
  • In Japan of around a lot of children have me draw a picture.
  • In March 2013, in Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture.
  • In March 2015, in Kyoto Prefecture Kameoka.
  • To children in various countries of the world, and I have been asked to draw a picture.
  • March 2009, show off in front of at Kathmandu, Nepal is a world heritage Boudhanath Stupa (pagoda).
  • Picture children drew will let mothers Awa connects.
  • December 1996, 1000 people of mom of Bangladesh was sewn.
  • Every year since 2013, and held an exhibition at the Haneda Airport Terminal 1 "Sky Gallery".
  • By completing a single picture with everyone, and share a common joy, and fosters the sentiment. Showcase connecting Myanmar children's painting and Japanese children's picture.
  • July 2012, stitching and painting of the world's countries 68 picture of each city of Japan in Hiroshima Municipal Funakoshi kindergarten, Hiroshima Municipal Funakoshi was completed in the schoolyard of the elementary school “world's big picture 2012” showcase.

Our aim is to complete the Biggest Painting in the World toward the year 2024.

“The Biggest Painting in the World 2024” has started.
Its aim is to sew together all “the Biggest Painting in the World” painted
throughout Japan and in many countries into one “Biggest Painting in the World”
and display it in France in the summer of 2024, when the Paris Olympics will be held.

The completed painting will be placed in the reference library of an A-bombed
primary school in Hiroshima, as a gift for the future children.
This site was created to introduce the project to as many people as possible.
Through this site, you can follow the on-going activities and events and
look at the paintings by children.

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As of 2023, about 100 countries around the world and about 300 municipalities in Japan are participating in the project.










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